Ash That'll Be The Day Cast
Ash Lawson [F.O.H sound engineer]

"Ash is in his second spell with the show having worked on monitors back in 2012/3. A man of many talents he holds a pilots licence (no he doesn’t get to work that way!). From a young age he was hooked on falconry and learned how to train and y birds. Before entering the ‘business’ he managed a restaurant and travelled in Oz, New Zealand and Dubai. He’s back with us now and deals with the Front of House sound. Good to have him back. Likes M&Ms, wildlife photography, travel ( particularly S America ) Dislikes, olives."

 - Trevor Payne

Ben That'll Be The Day Cast
Ashley Chappell [Monitor Engineer]
"Ashley has been very musical from a young age; he began playing guitar at the age of 9 and has since learned to play many other instrument. It was this that gave Ashley an ear for music and sound generally; technical theatre became Ashley’s passion. Having worked at the Gordon Craig theatre (Stevenage) for 9 years, Ashley has had vast experience working in many areas of technical theatre and has been fortunate enough to operate sound for many Shows including; ‘Footloose’ ‘Fame’ ‘13’ and The UK Premier of ‘My Son Pinocchio, Geppetto’s Musical Tale’ ‘Irelands call’ UK tour 2017 Likes - Curry Dislikes- Lighting Favourite music artist - John Mayer "
 - Trevor Payne


Mike That'll Be The Day Cast
Mike Stevens [lighting tech]


"Mike has no doubt enhanced the lighting aspect of TBTD and always looking to improve the look of the show. Technical rehearsals are more complex theses days and give Mike the time to plot the production in more detail. We have invested in more 'toys' for him to play with and know you'll appreciate his work.  Not an extrovert Mike is always cool in any situation and a popular member of our team. He likes his tea ( milk in first ) and dislikes public transport."



- Trevor Payne

Steve That'll Be The Day Cast
Morgan Beecher [Stage Technician]


" Morgan is from tewkesbury, Gloucestershire. He worked in their local theatre for 4 years working on productions from pantomimes, dance shows to rock and roll shows. Morgan loves listening to, and producing music in his free time. Likes : Exercise. Dislikes : Football. "




- Trevor Payne

Danny Young [Truck Driver]


" Danny is now firmly established as TBTD’ truck driver. The truck is his domain and he looks after all aspects of it. It’s such a distinctive vehicle he gets tooted by passing fans. Whatever goes on we know Danny will be there at the theatre ready for the load in and set up. He’s 100% reliable and loves the life. All the company think a lot of him and he’s a team player. "



Trevor Payne

Caroline That'll Be The Day Cast
Caroline 'Spud' Knight [Merchandise]


"Caroline “Spud” Knight is the first point of contact with the show for our audiences.

She’s been with us for many years and is known throughout theatreland. She deals with all three aspects, the company and crew of TBTD, the theatre managements and sta and of course the customers who come to see the show.

Caroline is the fountain of all knowledge in things related to the show . On first name terms with all the regulars she keeps us informed of whatever’s going on and any info including birthdays and anniversary celebrations is passed on to us. Everything she does is efficient which is very useful when working with a cast of entertainers and manages to retain her sense of humour and that’s essential! Over the years she’s grown the merchandise stall into a supermarket of collectible TBTD goodies. P.S. nobody knows how she got the nickname ‘Spud’."



- Trevor Payne

That'll be the Day are very happy and proud to announce that our bass player Jarrod Loughlin is now officially endorsed by Hofner Guitars. Click here to read more about...





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