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Peter John Jackson

"Pete continues to delight TBTD audiences with his ability as a musician and vocalist. Able to sing anything from Johnny Cash to Frankie Valli he can adapt to any vocal style and he’s constantly adding new artistes to his repertoire.

He plays guitar and bass guitar right handed but when he was in the Beatles show in London’s West End he taught himself to play the McCartney violin bass left handed to emulate his favourite singer/ musician Paul. Now that’s attention to detail! His accurate vocal impressions are proving a big hit with the fans and he’s equally at home joining the cast in all the production pieces. He’s found his natural home in TBTD."


- Trevor Payne

That'll be the Day are very happy and proud to announce that our bass player Jarrod Loughlin is now officially endorsed by Hofner Guitars. Click here to read more about...





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