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The first origins of That'll be The Day can be traced back to 1985 when a variety show called 'The Happy Days of Rock n Roll' was launched by Bristol-based agent John Mills for the club and cabaret circuit for a six week autumn tour.The show had a varied cast of rockers including Fred The Ted, Margo and Trevor, Terry Denton, The Rock 'n' Roll Circus band, and a one-boy, three-girl singing and dancing group called Fizzical.Fizzical was the creation of Trevor Payne, who had enjoyed previous success with The Medium Wave Band in the 70s, including a number one hit record in Malta, which Trevor also wrote.The success of the first short tour of 'The Happy Days of Rock n Roll' were followed by further spring and autumn tours, and in 1986 Mills secured a summer season...


Now Gary Anderson was in the show, That'll Be The Day was able to expand on its comic front. It's very difficult to find comedians who are willing to adapt, try new material and share laughs in sketches. Trevor and Gary struck up an instant rapport and became in many respects a 'double act' within the show, which was to prove hugely significant. In 1990 the band backing the show was called 'Ritz'. They had previously been backing Jim Davidson and 'Fizzical' and so were well known to Trevor. Mark Street was the drummer, Alan Cutler on bass guitar, Richard Snow on keyboards, Simon on guitar and Lorayne Robinson on vocals...

2000 - 2006

In 2000 the show had two major changes, Josie left and emigrated to Australia. Katy Setterfield was auditioned to take over from Raya, but such was the power of her voice and performance she became Josie's replacement and Clive Fishlock effectively replaced Raya. Clive had auditioned a year earlier and the decision was made to use Clive as the play-everything fifth band member who could also sing well. The line up then was to stay for the next five years, Morgan Turner, Gary Anderson, Trevor Payne, Julia Greenham, Katy Setterfield, Phil Hollender, Clive Fishlock, Mark Street, Iain Hawkins and Andy Hodge. 2001, and the settled cast moved into evermore ambitious and complex shows. Katy established herself in her lead role and Clive played everything and was able to work happily up front when needed...

2007 - 2010

In January 2008 Jodie Lawson joined the team and replaced Katy Setterfield. Jodie was an experienced performer and had come to us after working solo in the UK and prior to that, the Disney Cruise lines. She had also previously run her own band, so was used to singing all styles and harmonising. Crucially the fans took to her straight away, and in the summer of that year we invited Nikki Renee Hechavarria to join us. Nikki had been appearing in the Lion King in the west end and brought another dimension to the show. We were now back to a three-girl line-up which we hadn’t had for years. It was great to be able to portray trios like the Ronnettes and the Crystals again...

2011 -2014

The 25th anniversary show took place in 2011. 25 years in this business is a pretty big milestone We took some of the most requested songs,sketches and impersonations and added them to new material to make a fitting anniversary special. That'll be the day has enjoyed a year on year growth since it started and to still be on an upward curve is proof the audience can still grow if the show continues to grow itself. The show was a great success and we were still adding to our list of theatre dates...


Well would you believe it, thirty years on since the first creation of That'll be the Day. It’s incredible to think what started out as a six week experimental tour has become the huge success it is today. There was no master plan and no guarantees. We set out to produce a high quality production which would engage and entertain people of all ages. A Rock n Roll variety show. I feel we've always connected with our audience and never forgotten our roots. We have many fans who have been with us on our journey, some were children themselves back then..

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That'll be the Day are very happy and proud to announce that our bass player Jarrod Loughlin is now officially endorsed by Hofner Guitars. Click here to read more about...





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