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"Well would you believe it, thirty years on since the first creation of That'll be the Day. It’s incredible to think what started out as a six week experimental tour has become the huge success it is today. There was no master plan and no guarantees. We set out to produce a high quality production which would engage and entertain people of all ages. A Rock n Roll variety show.


I feel we've always connected with our audience and never forgotten our roots. We have many fans who have been with us on our journey, some were children themselves back then and are now parents bringing their own kids to see the show. Many have become friends of the company.


You'll see Ollie playing lead guitar and drums tonight and he is the son of Kate Gray who was an original TBTD cast member alongside Jules and myself. He was born,"on the road" and destined to be part of it all when he grew up. He now has a son of his own, 'Jackson', with his partner Jodie, so the circle is complete.


This year, we bid farewell to Rebel Dean who has been with us since 2006 and welcome Peter John Jackson. We also welcome back Julia Greenham as a 30th Anniversary special guest! I thank all the cast and crew members who've gone before, for their contribution whilst recognising the present team as the best it's been my pleasure to work with. Gary and I have a special relationship on and off stage which has been essential  to our success and our 'double act' has certainly stood the test of time.

Mark and Phil have been integral for twenty five years and Clive some fifteen years. Nikki and Jodie both joined us in 2008 while Jarrod is on year three. Caroline (merchandise) has been with us twenty years. We've certainly been through a lot together, in fact we're a nostalgia show with our own nostalgia!


For the last twenty years Derek and I have worked together as promoter and producer. Derek toured the originals of most of the artistes we portray from the Everly Brothers to Status Quo. We got together quite by chance and have a mutual love of the music and theatre.  From the outset I have had to stop him singing anywhere near the stage as I'm convinced he was born tone deaf!

To maintain the level of success,both in audience reaction and box office over such a long time only goes to confirm what is often written, TBTD is indeed a phenomenon in Showbiz that cast, crew, Derek and myself can be proud of."


Trevor Payne

That'll be the Day are very happy and proud to announce that our bass player Jarrod Loughlin is now officially endorsed by Hofner Guitars. Click here to read more about...





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