Show History: 2011 - 2014

The 25th anniversary show took place in 2011. 25 years in this business is a pretty big milestone We took some of the most requested songs,sketches and impersonations and added them to new material to make a fitting anniversary special. That'll be the day has enjoyed a year on year growth since it started and to still be on an upward curve is proof the audience can still grow if the show continues to grow itself. The show was a great success and we were still adding to our list of theatre dates. Derek Block's office had now promoted the show for 15 years and together we made a formidable partnership . Into year 26 with confidence and we welcomed back Richard Dickerson on front of house sound for his second spell. Tim Stevens ,our previous engineer had left and moved to Devon . That years show was as ambitious as any we'd put together and our fans took to it. At the end of 2012 Iain Hawkins departed after over 20 years with TBTD.  His last show was New Years Eve at Stevenage and was about to concentrate on teaching .he always gave of his best and his guitar playing was much admired. Ollie Gray had already deputised on guitar when Iain was unwell and the decision was made to move Ollie from his bass guitar position to lead guitar. That left a vacancy for bass and we recruited Jarrod Loughlin from

Weston -Super-Mare . It was to prove an inspired decision . Ollie was right at home on guitar and  now had played 3 of the bands positions. Jarrod is another multi instrumentalist playing bass,guitar,keys and drums as well as having a great voice. It was an exciting period and the band gelled together from the off. The band line up is the strongest it's ever been,playing and harmony wise and we looked forward to constructing the 2013/4 show with a new fresh line up. As usual rehearsals took place at the PORTISHEAD Football Club and we all felt we had another good show to go forward with. So it's proved,the response to the current production is sometimes overwhelming . Everyone grows within the framework of TBTD and the quality is there for everyone to see. Ash Lawson left to go into a static theatre position and had been a really talented and cool guy . We wished him well-and his place on monitors and audio visual control was taken by Ben Webb from Southampton. He's a great character and brilliant at his job and we hope he stays for a long time. He's a musician so his timing is always spot on. After many years with the show Sam Morgan (lighting) moved on to do other things. Sam had 'grown up ' in the show and had worked on monitors before moving to lighting. He'd given many years service to the'cause' and both he and Ash left on good terms. The show moves on and we found a replacement via Ash . Mike Stevens came from a head of lighting position at Butlins where he was used to working on resident shows and visiting artistes.. Mike's already made a difference and has loads of ability and imagination. Again we hope he stays for the long term. 


Ollie and Jodie had the first inter-company baby, a boy called Jackson 3weeks before Mark and Tash had a baby girl, Freya. Both babies doing well and parents too! A new chapter in this long running musical 'soap' we wish both couples well and will they be future performers? Time will tell...

That'll be the Day are very happy and proud to announce that our bass player Jarrod Loughlin is now officially endorsed by Hofner Guitars. Click here to read more about...





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