Show History - 2000s

In 2000 the show had two major changes, Josie left and emigrated to Australia. Katy Setterfield was auditioned to take over from Raya, but such was the power of her voice and performance she became Josie's replacement and Clive Fishlock effectively replaced Raya.


Clive had auditioned a year earlier and the decision was made to use Clive as the play-everything fifth band member who could also sing well. The line up then was to stay for the next five years, Morgan Turner, Gary Anderson, Trevor Payne, Julia Greenham, Katy Setterfield, Phil Hollender, Clive Fishlock, Mark Street, Iain Hawkins and Andy Hodge.


2001, and the settled cast moved into evermore ambitious and complex shows. Katy established herself in her lead role and Clive played everything and was able to work happily up front when needed. Mark was able to come off the drums and join the front line and Andy and Iain were also being used in featured pieces. That'll Be The Day was firing off many more cylinders and the crowd loved it!


The summer of 2002 saw That'll Be The Day playing its sixth consecutive year at Bournemouth but transferring from the Pavilion to the BIC Centre and staging what was an arena show. The show overcame the vastness of the hall and the season was a big triumph.

2003 and the by now unstoppable production reached new heights both in staging and production. The sheer scale of the new show was awesome and blew people away!


2003 was also the year of 'Cliff The Musical', which was created by Trevor Payne, ex-Radio DJ Mike Read and then TBTD co-producer Colin Rozee. Trevor also directed the musical and after a short provincial tour it transferred into the Prince of Wales Theatre in London's West End for a nine week run.


2004 and the show had been running for nineteen years! The box office was stronger, regulars were growing in numbers and some fans have seen over three hundred performances. Never were two shows exactly the same. That'll Be The Day was still in touch with its audience and the same enthusiasm came over the footlights.


2005 and co-producer Colin Rozee left to develop his graphic design, photography and filmmaking business. Trevor created a new production, the 20th anniversary show, a sort of 'Best of', but with plenty of new material. The summer season was back at the Pavilion in Bournemouth.


Trevor had the good fortune to work with Peter Kay in the 'Max and Paddy' TV series, and he also achieved his ambition of being on 'Top of The Pops' with Peter Kay, albeit in the video of the smash hit 'Amarillo' which raised huge sums of money for Comic Relief.

Earlier in the year That'll Be The Day had teamed up with BT and Childline and was collecting on their behalf. The generous fans donated over £55,000 in 2005.


2006 saw the departure of singer Morgan Turner. After twelve years he'd had enough of touring and made his farewell at a wonderful open air concert at Haywards Heath in the balmy early summer.


Morgan's replacement had been found and was in place for the new show beginning in August. Rebel Dean was the new man and was an instant hit with the fans, Morgan was a tough act to follow but Rebel more than held his own! He brought another breath of fresh air to the production and enjoyed his first year enormously. The future looks bright and the Christmas show is coming up fast. The years seem to fly by and there's no stopping the juggernaut That'll Be The Day is proud to be - the number one touring production in the country. We've set ourselves very high standards, yet we believe we've maintained the inventiveness and freshness. The cast has become a unit and is still as keen as ever to produce a high quality product. This year's show is very different in many respects and proves that complacency has not set in.


How long can it last? The answer is indefinitely as long as the basic ingredients are in place. For many fans That'll Be The Day is an annual 'must see'. For others it's almost a way of life.


A few facts: Over 3,500 performances Approaching 1,000,000 miles on the road Over 30 previous cast members Over 1,000 songs performed Over 40 comedy routines It's the biggest and the best.

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